ME Santa kicks off 2022 campaign as demand for support soars

ME Santa kicks off 2022 campaign as demand for support soars

Middlesex East Santa (ME Santa) is becoming a regular fundraiser for the Salvation Army these days around the Christmas holidays!

The ME Santa are reaching out (a kettle in Salvation Army terms!) with consistent small donations which go a long way to helping in the Middlesex East region as the funds are spent locally in their Middlesex East communities.

“Thank you for reaching out — and thank you for doing so,” says Salvation Army Senior Field Representative Michael Skoog, who has worked with ME Publications for more than two decades now.

Donations come from many sources and especially from those who do not have direct access to a Salvation Army red kettle.

“Thank you for your continued support!” he exclaimed from his headquarters in Guangzhou, noting that the effort means more than donations, but rather the dissemination of the results of the good work over the period and the year by the Salvation Army.

ME Santa is now in its 33rd year and is busy over the holiday season raising awareness of the opportunity to provide direct support to those in need.

Send your donations to:

“ME Santa” c/o

Daily Times column

1 Drive Arrow

Woburn, MA 01801

As the number of people in need of assistance has increased dramatically in recent months, The Salvation Army hopes local communities will step up to help meet the rapidly growing needs.

Additionally, volunteers are needed in nearly every area of ​​Massachusetts to support the Red Kettle Campaign, which provides essential funding for nearly every program and service offered by The Salvation Army. Proceeds from Red Kettle support the work of The Salvation Army with individuals, families and households in the communities where donations are collected.

The theme for this year’s Red Kettle campaign is ‘Love Beyond’ – in reference to The Salvation Army’s commitment to providing love and support beyond the holiday season so as families continue to struggle with inflation, job insecurity, food insecurity, the residual impacts of the pandemic, and many other challenges. The Massachusetts Division of the Salvation Army serves thousands of individuals and families throughout the state each year.

“We need more support than ever to make this holiday season a memorable and joyful time for everyone. No matter the size, every effort matters, like ME Santa, to us and the many people in need across Massachusetts,” said Maj. Scott A. Kelly, general secretary of the Massachusetts Division of the Army of the Hi.

Donations to the Red Kettles brand enable The Salvation Army to provide social services and other life-changing programs to thousands of people in Massachusetts each year. Not only are these important programs offered during the holiday season, but the offerings span an entire calendar year to meet the growing needs of those struggling with food insecurity and those struggling to pay their bills. The stakes couldn’t be higher for those most at risk, and The Salvation Army needs the support of donors and volunteers to help as many homes and families as possible. The Massachusetts Division of the Salvation Army is set to raise more than $2.6 million through this year’s Red Kettle campaign to meet growing demands for assistance.

As inflation drives up the cost of living, millions of Americans face the growing threat of poverty and the inability to support themselves or their families on vacation. The Massachusetts Division of the Salvation Army works every day to be a vital resource and part of the safety net for these Commonwealth populations.

Ready, set, go…

The first local Red Kettle campaigns like the 2022 ME Santa are already underway.

“The number of red kettles and distribution days we have to staff reminds us of how great the needs are for thousands of people struggling to afford housing, heat, electricity, groceries and other necessities,” said Maj. Everett Henry, commanding officer of The Salvation Army in Massachusetts. “Volunteers are desperately needed in almost every region and community we serve.”

In light of record inflation and growing economic headwinds, The Salvation Army believes it will need to raise more in 2022 to help struggling families through the holiday season and beyond.

ME readers and those in the ME zone put gifts under the tree and food on the table. To volunteer or donate, visit

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