ORCL stock - 5 Big Investors Betting on ORCL Stock

5 big investors betting on ORCL shares

ORCL stock - 5 big investors bet on ORCL stock

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Do you like to receive dividends and align your investments with those of large financial companies? If so, then consider a stake in Oracle (NYSE:ORCL) Inventory. Not all tech companies offer a dividend, but Oracle does. Additionally, you might be surprised to learn about the different ways Oracle deploys its cloud-based products and services.

Based in Austin, Texas, Oracle is a true giant in the world of cloud computing. The Oracle Cloud Services Network spans 40 interconnected global geographic regions, with four additional regions planned.

Undoubtedly, institutional investors want to participate in the upside potential of the cloud computing market. So it makes sense that some well-known financial companies are taking large stakes in Oracle.

5 investors are betting big on ORCL stocks

Through public financial statements, we can know which famous funds are invested in Oracle. Here are five high-profile Oracle investors as of September 29, 2022.

  • Avant-garde: a gigantic position of 135.89 million ORCL shares, which represents 5.04% of the outstanding shares.
  • black rock (NYSE:noir): 113.58 million shares, which corresponds to 4.21% of Oracle’s outstanding shares.
  • State Street (NYSE:STT): 61.53 million ORCL shares, or 2.28% of the outstanding shares.
  • JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM): 20.24 million Oracle shares, or 0.75% of outstanding shares.
  • Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MRS): a position consisting of 18.71 million shares, which is equivalent to 0.69% of the outstanding shares.

Oracle offers widely used dividends and products

Why would these well-known institutional investors seek exposure to Oracle? Maybe they have a long time frame and like to collect dividend distributions. It turns out that Oracle pays an annual forward dividend yield of 1.55%.

Also, they are probably bullish on the global cloud computing market. Oracle expects to generate $65 billion in annual revenue by fiscal year 2026, with the company’s cloud infrastructure contributing significantly.

Hedge funds certainly realize that Oracle’s cloud-based technology services have many applications. Use cases are constantly expanding; for example, Oracle has just launched a public safety hardware and software suite focused on the needs of first responders.

“Built on the performance and scalability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure,” this hardware and software suite offers a variety of crucial features for first responders. These include the “dispatch command center, law enforcement records and prison management software, as well as body-worn devices and real-time video communication tools”.

Additionally, Oracle recently unveiled the Oracle MICROS Simphony mobile ordering and payment solution, which runs on the Oracle Payments Cloud service. This solution is aimed at restaurants and deploys a wearable device to facilitate point-of-sale mobile phone payments inside or even outside the dining room.

So, should you bet big on ORCL stocks?

As you can see, there is a lot of institutional money on the long side of trading with ORCL stocks. Obviously, these funds are anticipating a strong rise in the cloud computing market.

Plus, they’re willing to bet Oracle can deliver exceptional shareholder value and consistent dividend payouts. So don’t hesitate to buy a few shares in order to participate in the upside potential of Oracle’s cloud.

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