From the brains behind Motherbrain, Ark Kapital releases AI-driven forecasting platform AIM to founders everywhere

From the mastermind behind Motherbrain, Ark Kapital launches AI-based forecasting platform AIM to founders worldwide

2021 will most likely go down in the history books as a red herring. For many, many reasons, but speaking of the tech ecosystem, we may have to consider taking this year off the record books, because things got, well, shall we say, a little hectic for a while.

Henrik Landgren

Fast forward 6 months to June of this year, and Ark Kapital and CPTO co-founder Henrik Landgren delivered his thoughts on how founders could (cautiously) set course through the eye of the storm and emerge reasonably unscathed, if not before where they were when they encountered rough water.

We had no idea at the time how much worse this storm was about to get.

Having spent the better part of a decade building big data models at McKinsey, Spotify, EQT Ventures (where he built the company’s famed Motherbrain), it’s fair to say Landgren knows a thing or two. on using AI forecasts to mitigate risk and determine when it’s time to get the gas and grow. And when not.

And starting today, Landgren and Ark Kapital are passing on to founders around the world the same technology they use to identify and track sustainable growth companies and forecast their future cash position to ensure that loans issued by ArK Kapital will eventually be reimbursed, along with AIM.

“Because of my experience, AIM has been a much sought-after tool for VCs, and we let a few of our closest VC friends invite some of their portfolio companies into the beta. But today is the day when we feel ready to distribute it widely to the founding community.- Ark Kapital CPTO and co-founder Henrik Landgren.

Maternal Brain 2.0

At the time of Landgren’s departure from EQT, his creation, Motherbrain was tracking more than 20 million technology companies and their growth trajectories around the world. Crucially, the AI ​​was trained to identify hidden dark horses in the market before competing VCs spot them.

Since launching Ark, Landgren has assembled a dream team of technology and analytics experts from EQT, Spotify, Klarna, Tink, Anyfin and Instabox, all collaborating to create a forecasting platform operating on the full set of cost, revenue and user behavior data.

The five-year plan

As Landgren pointed out in his original op-ed on, connecting the dots and recognizing the signals that indicate future financial strength, especially in companies that are not yet profitable, are not just within teams. responsible for growing the company’s user base, but also within the competence of the CFO, namely, can the growth bear the cost of the whole operation.

Given the way the market has been, and apparently seems to be going further, providing founders with a solution that will give them the green light to grow or if that acceleration will drive them into a brick wall, is nothing less what a boon to many, if not all.

“It’s common for teams and founders to not analyze products, growth and user behavior down to real money in the bank. But metrics need to be connected all the way to financial modeling,” says Landgren. “Only then can you know if your customer acquisition cost is good – by answering the question can the motor carry the car and how long will it take me. This is how you mitigate against hitting a wall and being forced into layoffs.

Starting today, Founders are invited to apply for access to AIM. The service is available to businesses in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and the UK, and Ark plans to rapidly roll out the service in other key technology regions across Europe.

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