CMR Surgical and J&J join forces on surgical robotics

CMR Surgical and J&J join forces on surgical robotics

CMR Surgical Marketing Image of Versius Surgical Robotic Systems
Versius Surgical Robotics Systems [Image courtesy of CMR Surgical]

CMR Surgical today announced that Johnson & Johnson MedTech’s Ethicon business will work with CMR to sell its Versius surgical robotic systems in select markets.

The collaboration involves business teams from both companies working together. They will focus on selling to select hospitals in Italy, France, Germany and Brazil.

“In entering into this collaborative agreement with Ethicon in select markets, CMR believes this combination of minimal access surgery expertise and digital innovation will deliver an optimized offering to customers,” said CMR Surgical CEO Per Vegard Nerseth. , in a press release. “CMR looks forward to advancing this deal in strategically important regions as CMR continues to rapidly expand globally.”

The news comes just weeks after the Cambridge, UK-based surgical robotics start-up announced that it had installed more than 100 Versius robotic surgery systems worldwide. Versius robots are now operational in Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America and the Middle East.

To meet growing demand, CMR Surgical is working to build an approximately 75,000 square foot global manufacturing center in Cambridgeshire.

This collaboration could fuel the global expansion of CMR Surgical

The partnership with Ethicon is the latest exciting development in the field of robot-assisted surgery. Many companies large and small are looking to compete with Intuitive, the leading soft tissue surgical robotics company. (Here are 16 robotic surgery companies you should know about. And here are eight more, including CMR.)

The Versius system offers freedom in port placement. This feature allows for procedures tailored to the needs of each patient. For example, surgeons can operate as they did laparoscopically, but with the benefits of robotic surgery, the company says. Additionally, Versius has a compact, lightweight, and modular design that healthcare provider staff can move “effortlessly.”

According to CMR Surgical, Versius is the only small modular portable robot on the market. Its design makes it suitable for all sizes of hospitals and surgical care centers. Surgeons have the option of performing a fully robotic procedure or a combination of robotic and manual laparoscopic procedures. As a result, surgeons can decide what is best.

The partnership with Ethicon goes hand in hand with CMR Surgical’s rapid global expansion strategy. At the same time, CMR Surgical said it will continue to work and collaborate independently. In addition, investments will remain heavy for training and service offered to customers.

Where is Johnson & Johnson Ethicon going in surgical robotics?

A statement shared with mass device by J&J spokesperson, Ryan Carbain, explained Ethicon’s objectives in the partnership: “The Targeted Collaboration Agreement will focus on select hospitals in specific regions and will allow teams from Ethicon and CMR to jointly offer hospitals the benefits of their complementary portfolios. This business collaboration underscores Ethicon’s commitment to providing healthcare partners with the best surgical solutions that focus on the unique needs of each patient.

Meanwhile, there hasn’t been much news regarding J&J Ethicon’s plans for its Ottava system – its soft tissue robotics game.

Today, a company statement shared with mass device said, “We continue to be excited and committed to our Ottava program. We look forward to providing a competitive soft tissue robotic solution.

Fortis Advisors has an active lawsuit in Delaware on behalf of Auris shareholders who were behind the Ottava technology and the previous Monarch robotic system that J&J licensed for certain indications. Despite the challenges, Monarch continues to move forward, winning another 510(k) in May.

J&J acquired Auris in 2019 for $3.4 billion. J&J describes the lawsuit as “totally baseless”.

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