iPhone 15 rumored to feature attractive MacBook Pro design

iPhone 15 rumored to feature attractive MacBook Pro design

Rumors of the iPhone 15 are on the rise now that the iPhone 14 has been out for, what, two whole months. From rumors of a titanium iPhone 15 Ultra to an iPhone with USB-C and no buttons, there’s a lot of speculation about what Apple has in store for us next year.

To these rumors we can now add the suggestion that Apple is planning a design change inspired by one of its other flagships, the MacBook Pro. And many users think that might be a good thing (see our Apple Black Friday roundup if you’re looking for late-night deals on Apple gear).

Product photos of the 2021 MacBook Pro 16 from each side showing its ports

The latest MacBook Pros are flat on top but rounded below (Image credit: Apple)

We don’t expect the iPhone 15 to launch until September 2023, when Apple normally announces its new smartphones. But, as always, we’re already hearing a tantalizing mix of insider leaks, rumors from dedicated Apple watchers and analysts, and fan guesswork and speculation.

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