Fremont Street Experience Deploys Remark AI Powered Smart Security Platform and Smart Sentry Units to Improve Public Safety and Security for Its 26 Million Annual Visitors

Fremont Street Experience Deploys Remark AI Powered Smart Security Platform and Smart Sentry Units to Improve Public Safety and Security for Its 26 Million Annual Visitors

AI-powered smart security platform and smart sentry units generate detailed video analytics that provide real-time insight into high-capacity crowd counts and traffic patterns

LA VEGAS, November 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Remark Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: MARK), a diversified global technology company providing leading artificial intelligence (“AI”) and video analytics solutions, announced that it has partnered to Fremont Street Experience to deploy its AI-Powered Smart Safety Platform (“SSP”) and Smart Sentry Units.

SSP empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions in real time and empowers users to discover data insights from autonomous security incident and breach detection, around the clock.

Remark AI’s SSP AI features generate real-time alerts for proactive safety and security, including:

  • Intelligent pre and post investigation that provides metadata searches using physical attributes and object recognition to speed up the investigation process
  • Intrusion/prowling/object/vehicle/intrusion detection
  • Real-time, live high-capacity people counting and crowd analysis
  • Preventive behavioral analysis such as vagrancy, leaving bags unattended, vandalism, graffiti, fights
  • Suspicious fire, object and smoke detection
  • Visual dashboard with actionable insights and reports for daily tracking and customer flow analysis

“We are thrilled to announce the Fremont Street Experience as our flagship customer and partner. downtown to visit the Fremont Street Experience. Safety is paramount to City of Las Vegas. Our intelligent security platform takes raw video content and transforms it into data-driven intelligence with actionable insights and real-time alerts on potential security breaches. Users can monitor and respond to incidents in real time, simplify and automate security operations, and accelerate response times,” said Kai Shin TaoCEO of Remark Holdings.

“We are delighted with the performance of Remark’s AI-powered smart security platform, having seen its benefits at two recent well-attended free concerts by the Stone Temple Pilots and Florida” said Marc Reddon, director of security for the Fremont Street Experience. “Remark delivered as promised, giving us analytical insights into crowd counts and traffic patterns, allowing us to properly manage our security presence and keep high-attendance audiences safe. Having seen its effectiveness, we We are looking to further deploy Remark’s SSP among our other cameras, while supplementing security coverage for live events with Remark’s Smart Sentry units. we are excited to expand our long-term partnership with Remark and look forward to using their full suite of AI products.”

About the Fremont Street Experience

The Fremont Street Experience is a five-block entertainment district in historic downtown Vegas, Nevada.The centerpiece of the Fremont Street Experience is Viva Vision, the largest video screen in the world. The Viva Vision screen is 1,375 feet long, 90 feet wide, and hangs 90 feet above the pedestrian mall below. The screen has 49.3 million LED lights and a 600,000 watt sound system. Viva Vision offers free, free light shows every night of the week. The Fremont Street Experience also offers an extensive program of live concerts and entertainment on three stages.

About Remark Holdings, Inc.

Note Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: MARK) provides an integrated suite of AI solutions that help organizations monitor, understand and act on threats in real time. Remark consists of an international team of experienced industry professionals who have created award-winning video analytics. The company’s GDPR and CCPA compliant solutions focus on industries such as retail, federal agencies, public safety, hospitality and transportation. With its headquarters at Las Vegas, NevadaUnited States, operational offices in New York and international offices in London, England.

For more information, please visit the company’s website (

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