DMP Launches "ZIA SV" Stereo Vision IP for AMD Xilinx Adaptive Computing Devices

DMP Launches “ZIA SV” Stereo Vision IP for AMD Xilinx Adaptive Computing Devices

November 28, 2022 — Digital Media Professionals Inc. (Headquarters: Nakano, Tokyo, President and COO: Tsuyoshi Osawa, hereinafter “DMP”) is pleased to announce that it has launched “ZIA SV” Stereo Vision IP for computing devices AMD Xilinx adaptive. The ZIA SV can be used in combination with AMD Xilinx adaptive computing devices to provide stereo vision capable of high performance, high accuracy range estimation. DMP qualified the ZIA SV with Zynq™ UltraScale+ Adaptive SoCs (ZU3EG and ZU6CG), Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC ZCU104 Evaluation Kit, and Kria™ KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit.

DMP’s mission as a technology company is to help solve customer and social problems by providing cutting-edge artificial intelligence/deep learning and image processing technologies. The social implementation of robots in labor-saving efforts has accelerated in recent years to help address the problem of a shrinking pool of workers due to declining birth rates. and the aging of society.

Stereo vision systems use the disparity between two cameras to measure the distance of objects. Stereo vision is an essential function that serves as the eyes of autonomous mobile robots and collaborative robots to move and function.

The new Stereo Vision IP (ZIA SV) developed by DMP uses a semi-global matching algorithm (SGM) on the IP core to achieve stereo vision. SGM offers highly efficient computational capabilities, obtaining highly accurate disparity data from global images. It is highly noise resistant and allows very precise ranging even for objects with indistinct outlines. The ZIA SV takes full advantage of the knowledge in designing compact hardware accelerators that DMP has accumulated in the development of GPU and AI processors. In addition to SGM-based stereo matching, it includes peripheral circuitry such as image correction to improve accuracy and robustness, all in a compact, high-performance hardware IP package. When paired with the compact FPGA module of AMD Xilinx Adaptive SoCs or the FPGA-equipped Kria KV26 SOM, the ZIA SV facilitates high-performance, high-accuracy telemetry on large robots that have power, cost, and dissipation constraints. thermal.

“We are very pleased that DMP has launched the ZIA SV, compatible with the AMD Xilinx adaptive SoC and Kria SOMs. As the AMD Xilinx adaptive SoC and Kria SOM are rewritable including hardware, they support a diverse range of robots and offer high performance and excellent power efficiency. We believe that the combination of ZIA SV and our products is a powerful solution for using stereo vision as a robot’s eye that requires low latency. We look forward to seeing products combining ZIA SV and AMD Xilinx FPGA on many robots in the future.(Hiroshi Hayashida, Senior Director of Sales, AMD CETA)

Features Stereo Vision IP (ZIA SV)
(1) High performance and high accuracy telemetry
・Processing up to 158 fps or processing input images with resolution up to 8.3 megapixels
・ Covers a maximum disparity of 256 pixels, with a disparity subpixel resolution of 1/16 pixel
・High-precision, high-performance range estimation through a combination of high-precision SGM algorithm and DMP hardware accelerator technology

◆ Examples of performance and accuracy (differs by image
(1) Performance: 19 fps / Error (average): 0.56% * frame size: 1920 x 1080
(2) Performance: 158 fps / Error (average): 1.1% * frame size: 672 x 376

Example depth map when ZIA SV and AMD Xilinx Kria SOM are combined
(Note: Used in combination with AI recognition processing (object detection))

(2) Compact size
DMP’s circuit design expertise in developing compact hardware accelerators has resulted in the industry-leading compact IP core, allowing it to be designed into the compact AMD Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ and Adaptive SoCs. SOM Kria KV26.

Visit the following AMD Xilinx website for more information on ZIA SV IP core sizes.

(3) No software development required
All calculations are handled by dedicated hardware, without the need for a CPU, so operation is lightweight and energy efficiency is high without the need for software or operating system development.


General robotics (autonomous mobile robots, collaborative robots, etc.)
*Please contact us for specifications, pricing and system configuration requests.

Digital Media Professionals Inc. (DMP)

DMP is an R&D-based fabless semiconductor vendor that originally focused on licensing hardware and software IPs based on proprietary 2D/3D graphics technology for embedded devices, as well as LSI graphics activities that incorporate these IPs. In recent years, in order to become the world’s first “AI Computing Company”, DMP provides solutions across a broad portfolio including AI processor IPs, hardware/software products and services, and its own AI ecosystem.

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