My favorite iPhone MagSafe car mounts are now bargains |  Digital trends

My favorite iPhone MagSafe car mounts are now bargains | Digital trends

I’ve always struggled to find the right car mount for my iPhone 14 Pro, not only because the product selection is so vast, but also because I have specific parameters they need to meet. I recently found two that work really well for me: the Belkin BoostCharge Wireless Magnetic Car Charger and the Mous MagSafe Suction Cup Mount.

They’re both available at great prices for Cyber ​​Monday deals, with the Belkin model priced at $36 and the Mous case at $28, so if you’ve had the same issues I have in the past, these might be for you. If you also need a new iPhone, we have the best Cyber ​​Monday iPhone deals here.

Not the usual trash

So many car phone mounts are poorly made, ugly, and “one-size-fits-all,” meaning they never look good or always work properly once installed in your car. Many are attached in a way that threatens to damage your car or aren’t strong enough to hold the phone. I use my iPhone 14 Pro in my cars and need the mount to be strong enough to handle hard sporty suspension and not spoil the look of my dashboard or car interior when not in use. If it attaches to the vent, I don’t want to worry about it breaking the vent in the process. If it’s on the windshield, I don’t want it in the way.

Apple’s MagSafe system uses magnets to secure the iPhone to a charging pad or other accessory, and lends itself very well to a car phone holder. Because the magnets hold the phone in place, you don’t need any ugly handles at the top or bottom of the mount, and since it’s exclusive to the iPhone, it doesn’t have to have a universal compatibility. But are the MagSafe magnets strong enough to hold the phone in place without anything else?

I had no issues with either of these two iPhone car mounts, so let’s see what makes each different and why I recommend them over the others.

Belkin BoostCharge Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

I’ve tried a Belkin car mount with MagSafe before, but it was an early MagSafe product, and the body itself was big and unsightly. It worked well in some cars, but not in others. The Belkin BoostCharge Wireless Magnetic Car Charger is much slimmer, but includes a MagSafe charging system, making it versatile and more compatible with more vehicles.

Belkin BoostCharge Wireless Magnetic Car Charger seen from the side attached to an air vent.
Belkin BoostCharge Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

It attaches to an air vent with a strong but soft clip. It takes some effort to push on the vent, but it hasn’t come off since it was installed. The soft finish prevents it from scratching the vent and the thin backing means it doesn’t rub against the dash, so any fear of damaging the car over time is removed. Of course, this also depends on the car you are fitting the bracket to, but the thinness means it should fit most.

A USB Type-C cable and 12-volt adapter come in the box, and the cable plugs into the bottom of the stand. It charges my phone with no problem. To get the maximum MagSafe magnetic holding power, you must use a MagSafe compatible case. I have the Nomad Sport case on my phone, and even with my cars stiff suspension, it didn’t threaten to fall off while traveling.

Normally, the Belkin BoostCharge Wireless Magnetic Car Charger is $60, but in Belkin’s Cyber ​​Monday deal, it’s $36, saving you $24. In the UK it costs £30, compared to £45. That’s a bargain for a car mount of this quality, especially since it comes with the ability to charge your phone, as well as the cable and accessory needed to do so. It works with all MagSafe-enabled iPhone models, including iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro.

Mous MagSafe Suction Cup

Finding a good suction cup mount is even more difficult than finding a good vent mount. Most are too big, too unsightly and almost always ugly. The Mous MagSafe suction cup mount is subtle and attractive, and best of all it doesn’t take up too much space on your windshield, even when the available space is limited by its tilt and the length of the dashboard.

Mous MagSafe suction mount attached to a windshield.
Mous MagSafe Suction Cup Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The suction cup is activated with a clip under the base of the mount, and it’s incredibly secure once in place. Removing it is simple, as you unclip the clamp and use the small tab on the rubber cup to pry it away from the glass. I change mounts quite often between cars, so that’s really helpful. It looks like a basic thing, but not all mounts are so easy to install and remove.

There’s no charging option with the Mous MagSafe suction cup mount, which means the pad itself is really small, but don’t think that means it doesn’t hold your phone securely . It’s just as secure as the Belkin model, and the pad is highly adjustable so it always points in the right direction so you can see the screen easily.

The Mous MagSafe suction cup mount normally costs $40, but it’s available for $28 in Mous’ Cyber ​​Monday deal, which means you save $12. In the UK it costs £27. Like the Belkin model, it works with all MagSafe-enabled iPhone models, including the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 Mini, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Both are good deals

Whether you need an air vent mount or one that attaches to the windshield, both of these models come highly recommended. They both keep my phone safe in cars with moderate and very stiff suspension, look great while they do, and are way beyond the quality of the cheaper versions.

Remember, you should have a MagSafe-enabled iPhone case to get the most out of it, and the Nomad Sport case I use is $28, compared to $40 from Nomad in its Cyber ​​Monday deal.

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