The best White Lotus memes on the Internet

The best White Lotus memes on the Internet

After overcoming the shock of realizing it was written and created by school of rockis Ned Schneebly, The White Lotus makes it one of the best and most exciting shows on television. A searing analysis of the super-rich and their luxurious and messy escapades, it deftly pokes holes in the seemingly perfect lives of the wealthy while they vacation in the many outposts of the titular channel.

As you might expect, The White Lotus also makes perfect meme material – and the internet is flooded with photos and videos mocking hotel guests as if they weren’t submissive enough during the show. As season two rolls around and a third is confirmed, check out the content below for some more laughs.

On the lounge chair

Almost as iconic as Nigella Lawson and her “meecrowahvé”, the chair pronunciation of Coolidge’s character, Tanya McQuoid, is so perfectly inaccurate and can only be pronounced by such an out-of-touch character sitting in a lounge chair.

A man of many faces

Everyone in The White Lotus acts differently behind closed doors than when watched, but Season 1 hotel boss Armond certainly has the biggest gap between the two, as this meme of his many personalities wonderfully illustrates.

Old meme for Armond from TheWhiteLotusHBO

Its theme music became a dance anthem

The icing on the cake The White Lotus is its addictive and impactful theme, which a lot of people online have taken a liking to.

Christopher, is that you?

One of Season 2’s main characters, Dominic Di Grasso, is played wonderfully by Michael Imperioli, but when you play a character as iconic and beloved as The Sopranos’ Christopher Moltisanti, he’s sure to follow you in any role you you will play later. . Sorry, Michael.

A Succession crossover to be on the cards?

As expected, The White Lotus and Succession — HBO’s two shows about taking down the super-rich — have a lot of crossovers, and the idea of ​​them crossing into each other’s worlds is enticing. Roman and Gerri checking into a White Lotus hotel? Albie as cousin Greg’s foil? It has so much potential, and luckily the internet came along and imagined what it might look like:

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