China regains the lead - ZTE completes 6G network dongle testing

China regains the lead – ZTE completes 6G network dongle testing

The development of a new network takes several years. For example, while 4G came to the public in 2009, it took another 10 years for 5G to be launched in 2019. In fact, advancements in the mobile network require teamwork between different companies. Most advanced technology in a mobile network comes from the United States, China or Europe. Businesses in these regions need to partner together to roll out the next-generation mobile network faster. However, we all know what happened with the 5G network. China took the lead and the United States didn’t find it “funny”. At one point, ex-President Trump openly expressed his anger that American companies weren’t doing enough. With the US banning several Chinese companies, there will be a breakdown in cooperation in some areas.

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Most American and even European companies cannot do business or share ideas with Chinese companies. It is because of this ban. So they have to work alone. It may make 6G network development longer. However, just like with 5G, China is regaining the lead with the 6G network. Under the guidance of MIIT, the IMT-2030 (6G) promotion group organized a 6G key technology concept sample test.

ZTE participated in five 6G network tests

During the test, ZTE played an active role in performing various tasks of the 6G group. He participated in the probe and research of technologies related to 6G. The company has also invested a lot of human and material resources in this test. In addition, he conducted and participated in all five aspects of concept sample testing. This includes

  • 6G Distributed Autonomous Network and Digital Twin Network Concept Example
  • 6G computing power network key technology concept example
  • Example of 6G terahertz key technology concept
  • Example of 6G communication perception integration key technology concept
  • 6G smart metasurface technology concept example

The company achieved excellent results in the tests. Also, relevant technical indicators reflect good functions and performance. In the 6G distributed stand-alone network and digital twin network concept sample test, ZTE’s network sample was connected to the network planning scenario verification system. It has completed the whole verification process for voice and text. The twin sample passed the access network’s digital twin network capability test. It also passed the access network’s digital twin network similarity test. In addition, it has passed the access network’s digital twin network prediction capability test.

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ZTE test results are positive

In the 6G computing power network key technology concept sample test, the ZTE sample completed the computer network preview. It also completes the testing of the computing power routing function in the bearer network environment based on the SRv6 architecture. The results show that the company performed well in the computer network analysis function test. ZTE solution supports real-time preview of network information such as network connection, delay and throughput. It also supports computing power information such as CPU occupancy and memory occupancy. In the computing power routing function test, it supports real-time computing power programs and network path selection capability for policy.

In the 6G terahertz (THz) key technology concept sample test, ZTE adopts a THz electronic system sample that supports up to 2 x 2 MIMO. In the case of real-time communication, it supports outdoor long-distance transmission. Moreover, the spectral efficiency exceeds 7bit/s/Hz.


In the sample test of the key technology concept of 6G communication detection integration, ZTE adopted a millimeter wave synesthesia-computing-control integrated sample device. It uses 1 AAU while detection and reception were isolated by different antenna panels in the AAU. During the detection, the communication terminal carried out the transmission of the received signals separately. Among them, the distance accuracy can reach the decimeter level. Besides, it can realize stable positioning and tracking of drones within 1km. In addition, its capacity is equivalent to that of the GPS in the device.

In the sample test of the 6G intelligent metasurface technology concept, the ZTE sample realized the coordination between the base station and the RIS. It also achieves beam controllability. Compared with no RIS installation, the measured point with RIS enabled won, the maximum can reach 30dB.

Ericsson to invest millions in UK 6G network research

While China is already testing key 6G technology samples, Europe and the United States continue to invest. Recent reports reveal that Ericsson will invest millions of pounds in research into the 6G network in the UK. The company will also cooperate with many universities in the fields of hardware security, artificial intelligence, cognitive networks and quantum computing. Ericsson is one of the leaders in mobile network technology. After laying off Chinese companies, the United States turned to Ericsson and Nokia. Ericsson said the 10-year plan will help drive the development of the next generation. 6G networks. Based on reports so far, 6G networks will be commercial around 2030.

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Katherine Ainley, Managing Director of Ericsson UK and Ireland, said… “We will establish a team of 20 top researchers in the UK and also provide funding for students. The focus will initially be on the 6G network and hardware security.” According to reports, some universities in the UK will cooperate. The University of Surrey, University of Bristol and University of Manchester will be on the list.

The new research team will complement Ericsson’s 17 existing research sites in 12 countries, she says. The UK government said Ericsson’s investment represented “enormous confidence” in the UK’s telecommunications industry. She adds that the country will soon publish a strategy for the development of 6G technology.

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