The 10 best data storage startups of 2022 |  CRN

The 10 best data storage startups of 2022 | CRN

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Joseph F. Kovar

Here are 10 data storage startups looking to stand out in a world where the growth of traditional storage is rapidly giving way to the growth of cloud-based storage.

Even more data storage startups looking to make their mark

The storage industry has always been characterized by innovation, with storage engineers continually introducing new hardware and software aimed at solving a new storage, data protection, or data management requirement. However, while these storage engineers or developers may solve part of a company’s data storage needs, what companies really need are complete solutions. As a result, storage innovations are often rewarded with either an acquisition bid from a larger vendor looking to bolster its own comprehensive storage technologies, or going out of business when developers can’t be heard. above requests for complete solutions.

While painful for individual vendors, either situation is good for the storage industry in general because it frees up resources that can be invested in ever newer technologies. It can be a brutal cycle or a rewarding one. Even better, it ensures storage innovation doesn’t stop and keeps the doors open to a new cohort of innovators.

These innovators face a changing business. As spending on external storage systems slows, spending on cloud-based storage is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24% from 2022 to 2029, according to the Enterprise Storage Forum.

Enter this list of 10 hot data storage startups for 2022. These companies were chosen because they only recently introduced their first storage products or services. More than half of these vendors put the cloud at the center of their innovation, with at least two focused on decentralized storage and one on Kubernetes. One offers software-defined storage, but only three offer physical devices.

Storage innovation is also no longer a US-only situation. Of the 10 data storage startups featured here, only three are headquartered in the US, while six are headquartered overseas and one has dual headquarters in the US and Israel.

CRN highlights some of the hottest storage startups of 2022 in this slideshow:

* Bundlr Network

* iodized

* Inspired

* Internal

* ice drive

* Ionize

* Nexustorage

* Plyops

* Solidigma

* Speedb

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