Black Friday coffee maker deals: Keurig and Nespresso |  Digital trends

Black Friday coffee maker deals: Keurig and Nespresso | Digital trends

Black Friday is more than halfway through, but we’re still seeing new deals popping up from all the major retailers. If an upgrade to your daily brewer is on your holiday shopping list, you’re in luck. We’re seeing Black Friday coffee maker deals from top brands like Nespresso, Ninja, and Keurig. We’ve rounded up the best Black Friday deals on coffee makers at Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon. While the Black Friday coffee maker deals haven’t stopped, they’re slowing down, so you might want to make your decision quickly. Check out our favorite deals below and pick up a new machine at a fraction of its listed price.

Best Black Friday deals on coffee makers

Keurig K-Mini coffee maker – $50, was $100

Keurig K-Mini on a white background.

One of the most compact coffee makers on the market, the Keurig K-Mini is just 5 inches wide and fits on almost any counter, no matter the size of your space. It brews one cup at a time and you can choose any size between 6 and 12 ounces. All you have to do is add fresh water for each cup, and within minutes you’ll have a piping hot cup of coffee or tea. The K-Mini uses standard K-cups and is also compatible with the Universal Reusable K-cup Filter, which is perfect for saving money and saving the planet while enjoying unlimited hot beverages. Energy efficient, the K-Mini automatically shuts off after 90 seconds of inactivity, so you never have to worry about turning it off when you’re done preparing your morning brew. If you’re on the go, don’t worry – the K-Mini lets you remove the drip tray to accommodate travel mugs up to 7 inches tall.

Keurig K-Latte coffee maker – $60, was $90

The Keurig K-Latte coffee and latte machine.

Keurig decided to take single-cup coffee makers to the next level by introducing the K-Latte brewer and latte maker to its already impressive lineup. The K-Latte Coffee Maker brews a medium cup of coffee plus creamy, rich lattes in just minutes. You can use any K-Cup pod with the K-Latte, and whatever type of milk you like, you’ll be able to froth it quickly to make the latte of your dreams. Choose from 6, 8, or 10 ounce lattes depending on the strength of your coffee. One of the reasons this coffee maker is so popular is that the frother is so easy to clean, and the fact that the frother base flips up means you can keep one of these coffee makers on countertops in small spaces without leave a massive footprint. You don’t have to buy a huge, expensive coffee maker to enjoy your morning latte.

Keurig K-Supreme coffee maker – $80, was $160

A Keurig K-Supreme coffee maker sits on a kitchen counter next to K-Cups and a glass of iced coffee.

The first in the Keurig line to feature MultiStream technology, the Keurig K-Supreme uses an innovative new way to saturate your coffee grounds more evenly in every K-Cup pod. Keurig’s MultiStream technology ensures you get all the flavor in every cup, so you get the best cup every time you brew. The K-Supreme also lets you customize your drinks with one button for the boldest, richest taste or brew the perfect cup of hot coffee over ice for a cold, refreshing icy beverage. You can choose from 6, 8, 10, or 12 ounce sizes, and like all Keurigs, you can make not only coffee, but also tea and hot chocolate. Use your travel mug to brew before heading out for a day at the office or running errands, and with its sleek 66-ounce reservoir, you can brew multiple cups before your Keurig needs a refill.

Keurig K-Duo coffee maker – $150, was $190

The Keurig K-Duo coffee maker sits on a kitchen counter.

For those looking to bring home a coffee maker that offers the best of both worlds, look no further than the K-Duo. This Keurig coffee maker not only uses standard K-Cup pods, but also features a 12-cup carafe that you can use to brew a full pot of your favorite coffee. The glass carafe and warming plate ensure your coffee stays hot, and it also comes with a Pause and Pour feature that lets you pause mid-brew to pour a fresh cup. You can also set a timer on the K-Duo up to 24 hours in advance so your carafe of hot coffee is ready exactly when you want it. It’s perfect when you have a family gathering or entertaining friends, as you can set the carafe to brew, but use the single cup function while waiting for a single cup here and there.

Ninja DualBrew Coffee Maker – $160, was $250

Ninja Dual Brew coffee maker on a light kitchen counter.

Probably one of the countless Ninja Black Friday deals is the current deal on the Ninja DualBrew coffee maker, which brews all different types of coffee from coffee grounds or coffee pods. You can choose custom settings from nine different grind sizes for the full carafe and four pod sizes, ranging from 6 to 12 ounces. It also comes with a pop-up frother which is perfect for making lattes and cappuccinos. The Ninja DualBrew also has its own independent hot water system, ideal for preparing anything from hot tea to water for soup. The Ninja DualBrew is one of the fastest-starting single-cup coffee makers and is incredibly easy to clean thanks to its dishwasher-safe parts and removable Ninja pod adapter.

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