Snag the best-selling white and navy sweater the internet is obsessed with - now nearly 40% off at Amazon

Snag the best-selling white and navy sweater the internet is obsessed with – now nearly 40% off at Amazon

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Before anyone even heard of a humble photo-sharing app called Instagram, we had this thing called “blogs.” Autonomous websites run by individuals with distinct voices and perspectives. That’s right, you had to go to separate URLs to catch up with your favorite online creators and get their product recommendations. Now that everyone with social media essentially has their own mini blog, it can be difficult to determine which product recommendations are legit.

Thankfully, the majority of the OG blogging team have successfully transitioned to Instagram and TikTok, with some even starting their own namesake lines. So even though we tend to call them influencers and creators now, we know that the old guard of online bloggers will never lead us astray, especially on wardrobe staples. An example of their lasting impact is the presence of a certain sweater style year after year. And of course, we’ve got you the best deals on this iconic Black Friday look.

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There’s something truly timeless about a vertical striped top. Perhaps it’s the French vibe it gives off, hinting at a certain level of taste and quality. Or maybe it’s the versatility of the pattern which, depending on the materials of the top, can be dressed up or down with the appropriate style. Striped sweaters in particular seem to have a hold on us. Every year when the cold weather hits, we see variations of this much-loved sweater emerge on buying guides and IG feeds.

The blogger-approved look is defined by a few key characteristics. A neutral base color – usually white or another light neutral – is interrupted by dark navy, gray or black vertical stripes. The stripes are often much thinner than the basic color blocks, giving an elevated look. Since they are so popular, the striped sweaters in this design have been created in a whole range of colors, shades and textures. However, the combination of white and navy blue is the magic combo that style icons swear by. To get their look on the cheap, we’ve found some user-friendly alternatives for those of us who don’t have those big blogger checks!

Currently reduced to the lowest price in 30 days, this LONGYUAN Women’s Striped Knit Sweater was originally priced at $46.99. While that’s not a totally unreasonable price for a wardrobe essential, the Black Friday deal brings the cost down to just $29.58, a 37% discount! Whichever color you choose from the 15+ combinations available, this silhouette will look comfortable and sophisticated when paired with straight jeans and boots. Check this price if you go for another color, however, not all styles and sizes have the same discount, although most are at least 20% off.

For a more spacious option, check out this ETCYY Bat Wings Long Sleeve Knit Oversized Sweater. It features ribbed detailing at the neckline and sleeve hem and a relaxed body shape that’s the perfect amount of oversized. Originally at $39.98, this sweater has been reduced by 27% for Black Friday. This makes the selling price only $29.10! As with the first style, this piece also comes in different color combinations, including a few with a zipper at the neckline. Again, we recommend checking the price once you’ve selected your preferred size and color, as they vary!

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