dtac Launches AWS-Based 5G to Drive Digital Transformation for Thai Businesses |  VanillaPlus - The Global Voice of Telecom IT

dtac Launches AWS-Based 5G to Drive Digital Transformation for Thai Businesses | VanillaPlus – The Global Voice of Telecom IT

November 22, 2022 – dtac company launched a 5G Mobile Private Network (5G MPN) with the aim of transforming the supply chains of Thai businesses, including those in the retail, manufacturing and logistics sectors, as they transition to “ industry 4.0”.

Industry 4.0, also known as the smart factory, refers to the integration of advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), cloud computing and tip, smart sensors, etc. in industrial production processes. MPN 5G is the glue that connects all the devices that contribute to the automation of the supply chain operated by the real-time processing of big data.

The 5G MPN from dtac business is ready to support companies in their digital transformation and increase the efficiency of their operations. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the MPN 5G is equipped with three core solutions at the edge: IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and ML. The 5G MPN is a dedicated 5G backbone system using a private 5G core designed for optimized integration with edge computing using dtac’s 26 GHz spectrum over 5G connectivity, as well as local backbone systems for data processing. data. This combination provides high reliability, low latency, and superior security.

Mr. Sadat Ibne Zaman, Chief Commercial Officer of Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, says, “The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed Thai retailers and logistics industries. MPN 5G can help businesses realize the efficiencies and cost savings of Industry 4.0 by helping warehouses and distribution centers quickly adapt to change. With the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing solutions, we can easily enable our customers to adopt advanced technologies, such as IoT and automation with robotics, to meet the demands of digital transformation and strengthen the competitive advantage of Thai companies. »

dtac business used AWS, the comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform, to design and deliver three digital solutions for the Thai market:

  1. Robotic Automation – a solution to automate warehouses and distribution facilities with robots handling goods connected to 5G MPN. Automated warehouse and distribution facilities can significantly improve efficiency and accuracy while minimizing the risk of injury to human workers.
  2. Predictive maintenance – this solution includes machine learning connected to MPN 5G to detect errors in warehousing and distribution equipment, as well as predictive maintenance for the entire process. The solution uses Monitron sensors connected to MPN 5G in a Massive IoT setup to monitor equipment vibration and/or temperature. Data from all connected equipment is centrally processed in a control center using machine learning that can alert operators to errors for preventative maintenance to avoid unwanted downtime.
  3. Video analysis – MPN 5G-connected smart video cameras can help with storage management in various applications, such as intrusion detection, which are especially beneficial for high-value assets. Real-time monitoring can improve safety and minimize incidents and losses. AWS provides the 5G edge infrastructure to independent software vendors to run their video analytics software.

Mr. Vatsun Thirapatarapong, Country Director, Thailand, AWS, said, “Digital transformation and Industry 4.0, powered by private 5G, can help enterprises strengthen their competitive advantages and economic recovery efforts. With the Thai economy expected to fully recover from the pandemic, businesses may have the opportunity to redouble their efforts in digitalization and strengthen their competitive edge. Powered by AWS, dtac business builds secure, scalable software networks that can enable businesses to simplify operations and reinvent the customer experience to accelerate innovation that can unlock economic growth.

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